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Dragon Ball Project Z Hints at New Dragon Ball World

Dragon Ball Project Z comes out with some more news this week. According to a post translated from the official Japanese Twitter page of the game. We seem to be in for a treat with this latest IP. Apparently, Dragon Ball Project Z will have “unprecedented expression, the world of a completely new nostalgic is drawn!”. 

Since the announcement of the project, there have been many speculations regarding the game. One speculation is that the developer behind it is CyberConnect 2, the studio behind the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series. Also what about Akira Toriyama, the creator of the series and what is his involvement with the game if any?

Of course, all of these questions will be answered soon, hopefully, most during the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament that takes place on the 26th and 27th. Until then this is all of the information we have, but we will update you as soon as more information is released. Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comment section below.


Source: Gematsu,

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