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Dragon Ball FighterZ Trunks Trailer

At this years fighting game world championship, Evolution 2017, a new trailer for Ark System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ was revealed. The new character coming to the Saiyan battle arena is future Trunks. First appearing during the start of the Android Saga. Future Trunks is pretty much what his name implies, a Saiyan from the future.

To be exact, he is the son of Vegeta but from a timeline where all of the main Dragon Ball heroes perished. In the newly revealed trailer, Trunks move list highlights some of the show of the classic attacks Trunks displayed on the show.

Along with the reveal of the new character came information on a beta. Xbox and PS4 owners will be able to participate in a closed beta by signing up on July 26th. Included in the pre release build will be 9 playable characters, three of which are yet to be known.

Check out the full Dragon Ball FighterZ Trunks trailer below.

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