Doom and Wolfenstein II are Coming to Nintendo Switch

It has recently been revealed in the Nintendo Direct that Bethesda is working to bring last year’s Doom and the upcoming Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to the Nintendo Switch. While the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the latter are coming out sooner, the fact that Bethesda is bringing much more than Skyrim to the table is huge news for third-party support on the Switch. This follows the fact that Rockstar Games announced they would be bringing their acclaimed hit, L.A. Noire, to Nintendo’s console. The teasers from the Nintendo Direct were brief, but boy were they effective. Have a look for yourself.

So, yeah. Two extremely major AAA shooters are now headed their way towards the house of Mario. Who would’ve thought that could happen? Now you can shoot Nazis and demonic forces from Hell on the go! Doom will be available on the Switch this holiday season while Wolfenstein II will be released sometime next year. More details are bound to be unveiled for both of these titles as time goes by. Hopefully, your wallet will still be alive by then! I know this humble writer’s budget might not be so lucky.

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