DirectX 12 and the Cloud will Revolutionize VR Gaming

Elijah Freeman who is an Executive Producer over at Crytek, did an interview with GamingBolt recently to discuss the promising future of DirectX 12 and the new Microsoft Cloud Processing technology. Crytek is currently working on a full VR Game called ‘Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2’ and the interviewee wanted to know how they were pushing the medium with DirectX 12.

“From an engine technology perspective, VR is mostly about being able to run consistently at high frame-rates, which results in some major challenges for rendering optimizations,” Elijah said to GamingBolt. “Everything which helps to make drawcalls more efficient is highly useful, so DX12 with its reduced API overhead and better parallelization capabilities can definitely play a part in helping us create more complex VR worlds than before.”
Microsoft stunned the world when they revealed the epic destruction in Crackdown 3, which is powered completely by the cloud. The demo used 13 times the computing power of the Xbox One without impacting the performance of the game, and developers have already shown quite an interest. Elijah Freeman went on to say that for VR, games will not be fully rendered in the cloud due to latency, but that they could in theory offload processing intensive tasks to the cloud that are not latency sensitive.
“Minimizing latency is essential for VR, so we will likely not see VR games being fully rendered in the cloud any time soon. However, some complex simulation code for which lower frequency updates are acceptable could well run in the cloud and free up resources on the player’s machine, helping to achieve higher frame-rates.”
The cloud and Microsoft’s revolutionary API update called DirectX 12 is causing a stir in the gaming community and is a highly polarizing topic. Gaming is being changed forever by Microsoft and their partners and we as gamers will benefit the most. Crackdown Multiplayer Beta is expected to launch in the Spring of 2016 and we’re eager to have our faces melted from pure awesomeness.
DirectX 12 is currently exclusive to Windows 10 and the Xbox One will be updated to this new groundbreaking API in November 2015. Preview members will get an early taste next month.
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