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Digimon Survive Comes to Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Bandai Namco has been on a roll as of late. Not only was Dragon Ball Z FighterZ a huge success earlier on this year, it became the top game at the worlds biggest fighting game tournament, Evolution. Continuing their momentum, Bandai Namco has shown off big hits like Jump Force and even a new Soul Calibur game. Today the famed studio revealed Digimon Survive a new game that was not expected to arrive to western audiences.

The new trailer titled “Another World” offers us a glimpse of the game. Appearing part Visual Novel and part turn based strategy game the new Digimon game offers a refreshing view of the world of digital monsters.

The biggest surprise of the announcement is the platforms Digimon Survive will be coming to. Sure Playstation was a shoe in but every other console was never a certain deal. The Nintendo Switch, while gaining in popularity rapidly, has been overlooked by several big name video game publishers so seeing this day one support is refreshing. The Xbox release announcement is a huge shock considering most Japanese games often overlook Xbox consoles all together. With Phil Spencer announcing several big name Bandai Namco games on stage for the last two years it could very well be that the relationship between both companies has become very strong.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary of the anime, the Digimon franchise will reach consoles and PC’s in the year 2019.

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