Diablo III Could Be Getting Cross-Play

Diablo III Could Be Getting Cross-Play, Contradictory Statements Confirm

Ever since Sony has stopped blocking cross-play and cross-progression on Fortnite, gamers have been wondering what the next games will be that get that kind of support. According to some new information, Diablo III could be getting Cross-Play support. Today, Business Insider says that when they talked to Blizzard Entertainment, a representative from Blizzard confirmed that Diablo III cross-play was in the works.

Blizzard Entertainment’s statements on if Diablo III could be getting cross-play:

Blizzard Entertainment told Business Insider that “It’s a question of when, not if.” That certainly bodes well for fans of the game who want cross-platform play.

It’s not as clear as it seems though. Game Informer reached out to Blizzard Entertainment for comment and got the following response:

While we love the idea of bringing our players together across platforms, we do not have any plans to implement cross-platform gameplay for Diablo at this time.

With seemingly contradictory information as to whether or not Diablo III could be getting cross-play, we’ll need to wait for more info.

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