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Devil May Cry V could be coming to Xbox Game Pass

Back in March Capcom released the highly acclaimed Devil May Cry V and it turns out that the game was excellent. If you have not yet had a chance to get your hands on this action packed masterpiece, don’t fret. It seems that it may be headed to Xbox Games Pass wirh a possible announcement during Gamescom.

A sharp-eyed Redditor noticed official artwork from Devil May Cry V on his Xbox One dashboard along with wording that it was available through Xbox Game Pass. He immediately snapped a picture and shared it on Reddit. The image is not the greatest quality but you can see it for yourself below.

Xbox Game Pass has seen some remarkable high profile titles join its library this year. During the 2019 E3 press conference Microsoft announced titles like Metro Exodus and .

If Devil May Cry V is inded coming to Xbox Game Pass then we expect the announcement will be made sometime during Gamescom. This year Gamescom will begin on August 20th and last until the 24th.

As always, it is best to tske this rumor with a grain of salt unless an official announcement is made.

How would you feel about Devil May Cry V coming to Xbox Game Pass? Would you play it if it became part of the library?

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