Dev: Xbox One’s eSRAM Handled Easily After SDK Update, Allows for 1080p Resolution

Although Xbox One made strides to appease fans and developers alike, to this day, the eSRAM remains a contentious topic for game developers. However, it is becoming more clear that issues of eSRAM are becoming more manageable as stated by a Wicked Witch Software executive.

“Yes, there were challenges on both next generation platforms, preserving the gameplay and increasing the resolution and texture densities. The eSRAM issue was handled fairly easily by the development team as one of the many challenges.”

It appears that the latest SDK update provides more CPU power to impact game performance. The executive went on to say, “We are using a recent SDK that allows us to use the core that was previously dedicated to the Kinect. This has been helpful in getting some better performance for the Xbox One and allowing us to run at 1080p. This is the first installment of RC3 on Xbox One/PS4 and we are confident we can build on this and improve features and performance overtime.”

Recent games on Xbox One have been able to hit glorious 1080p resolution, let’s hope devs keep it up.

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