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Destiny $30 Level Boost Microtransaction Added

Destiny is getting a $30 level boost that grants you a Level 25 boost, Subclass boost, and weapon Telemetries for your character added to the game via microtransaction. This level boost grants any character created by the player a boost to level 25, which is basically skipping the vanilla story of the game by surpassing its quests and missions in level. This level boost is available to all three Warlock, Hunter and Titan classes.


According to Bungie back when The Taken King DLC launched this boost allowed new players to be able to take part the game’s newer DLC instead of only veteran players being able to take on the new Expansion.

The game allows the creation for 3 characters which could be why Bungie decided to add this level boost microtransaction to the game for players who may not have ample time to level all of their characters.

Bungie’s shooter is no stranger to microtransactions as this year saw the introduction of microtransactions with the Eververse Trading Company and the introduction of the new in-game currency named Silver that is purchased with real money. Items in the in-game store include cosmetic items such as emotes but recently Sparrow vehicles and gear for the Sparrow Racing League were recently added in addition to this level boost.

What other microtransactions do you think are coming to Destiny? Let us know!

Destiny is currently available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.

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