Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Calendar Available

The Season of Dawn is here for Destiny 2 Players. In this season players will be going back to Mercury to set some rouge timelines straight. Seems the Red Legion can’t get over the fact they lost. Players who have purchased the Shadowkeep DLC don’t need to worry about buying a season pass separately, each current season is included in that original purchase of the DLC. If your not wanting to buy a season pass you can still enjoy some of the Season of Dawn rewards.

Season of Dawn

The season started on December 10th and will end on March 9th, 2020. Now the end date could always change, so be aware of that. If you look at the calendar you can see all the things that are available for the free players. Those players still have plenty to do. The thing is the new PvE mode, The Sundial is only for season pass members.

Just like many other games that now have seasons, you will notice that you can unlock gear for each level you gain in the Season of Dawn. Each level is earned by getting XP in different ways. So don’t stop playing the game all the time, you’re going to miss out on some cool stuff.

if your still not sold on playing in this season, then just sit back and watch the trailer below. Maybe that will help you decide to play some more Destiny 2.

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