Destiny 2: Forsaken Falls Short For Shareholders

Is Destiny’s “Light” Fading?

Destiny 2 has had a very rough journey since launch. Failure to provide proper end game content, repetitive gameplay and continuous backlash about the Eververse store has given gamers a little bit of a sour taste. With the launch of Forsaken recently though, Bungie seemed to have started mending the damage that was done at launch. However during a recent earnings call with Activision, the shareholders made it clear that Forsaken did not live up to their expectations. Unfortunately, they are looking at adding new ways of monetization and pumping out content faster as shown in the excerpt below from Eurogamer (source):

On the earnings call, Activision addressed this by saying that some of its franchises, Destiny, in particular, aren’t performing as well as it hoped. The company promised investors new monetization options alongside moving content to market faster to rectify this. How this will affect the game remains to be seen, as it’s clear Activision needs to make some changes to please investors.

My only concern in the increased rate of pushing out content. Can we safley expect to see content that the fanbase wants to see, or are they going to get high priced low content DLC? Only time will tell, but they have to be very careful how they do this. Implement the monetization the wrong way and give the fans low content DLC, you won’t end up having a fanbase for long. I truly love Destiny 2 and the game, but with the claws of Activision ahold of the game, the future for it seems very dark.

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