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Destiny 2 Final Calendar for Season of Opulence Revealed

Destiny 2 developer Bungie announced that the Shadowkeep DLC  would be getting a new release date. Since that happened Bungie has decided to extend the Moments of Triumph until September 17th. They actually released a calendar of what will be coming out for the final weeks of the Season of Opulence. This should help with the fact that Shadowkeep was pushed back.

Destiny 2

As you can see from the photo the Solstice of Heroes will be ending on August 27th. That will be followed up with some Iron Banner and a new update. You can see what will be happening in that update by clicking this link. A couple of the upcoming changes include:

  • Reckoning difficulty will be turned down to allow for more players to enjoy
  • Gambit Prime and Reckoning weapon rates will be increased

Since we only have a few weeks left in this season let me ask you a question. Are you happy with the way these three seasons went? Personally I’m not happy I wasted the money on it. I just don’t feel like it was worth the cost. Either way Bungie is still working hard at making Destiny 2 a great experience of the players. Hopefully you enjoy the final weeks of this season and are prepared for the DLC coming out on October 1st.


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