Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Officially Revealed

This week at the Paris Game Show Bungie dropped a little nugget of gold for Destiny 2 fans. A while ago the next expansion was leaked due to the website accidentally showing off a little too much information. Bungie has officially released a trailer explaining what you and your Guardian will be up against in the Curse of Osiris.


Players will be journeying to the planet Mercury. A gate has opened that allows the Vex the chance to take over the galaxy. It is up to you and the legendary guardian Osiris. Yes, that Osiris you have heard so much about. The expansion is set to come out on December 5th of this year.

Players that don’t have the expansion pack can purchase it now for the price of $34.99. For those that are still on the fence about Destiny 2, we have a review that might help you decide. The game was also just released for PC last week. Even if you need a break from completing those milestones, just remember that the Curse of Osiris is coming very soon.

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