Destiny 2 Beta Reminder for Consoles and PC

As the temperatures start to soar into the 100’s and most of us try to stay hydrated at work you may have forgotten about a new beta coming this July.The Destiny 2 beta will be coming in hot only a few days after the first episode of Game of Thrones season seven premieres.

Players that pre-order Destiny 2 will get the chance to play in the beta on 7/18 for PS4 and 7/19 for Xbox One. Console players that don’t pre-order the game will start the beta on 7/21. PC players will have to wait until a later date in August to get the chance to play in the beta.

Destiny 2 will be releasing in September, if you feel like waiting for the game the are released don’t wait. The beta will be the perfect chance to see what direction this game is going to take. Also if you play in the beta let Bungie know what you did or didn’t like. The fans are why they make these games. So remember once Game of Thrones starts again it will almost be time to jump into the Destiny 2 beta.

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