Descenders Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

As the week of Switch, announcements continues for the publisher No More Robots. Yesterday, the company announced that the post-Brexit RPG Not Tonight would be coming to Nintendo Switch very soon. Now fast forward to today, and we now have a new announcement and trailer for free-riding phenomena Descenders. For those that may not be familiar Descenders is a procedurally generated downhill biking game from developers RageSquid. The game officially launched out of early access on Steam and Xbox One on May 7th, 2019 to fantastic fan reviews. The game currently sits at a Very Positive review score on Steam with over 90% of users leaving positive reviews. In a world where extreme sports games such as Skate, SSX, and Amped 2 have long been forgotten, Descenders fills that void perfectly. While we don’t have an official release date at this time, it is supposed to be launching later this year on Nintendo Switch. Check out the brand new trailer, and see if maybe this might be the game that fills that extreme sports void in the gaming market for you.

Descenders Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer 

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