Deathstroke is Coming to the DC Movie Universe


The DC movie universe is going to have a new character soon. The popular assassin Deathstroke will be making his appearance in the upcoming Batman movie written by Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns. The actor that will be portraying this character is Joe Manganiello, he played a Werewolf in the HBO show Tru Blood.

This news was confirmed on Maganeillo’s Twitter account which you can check out right here.

The DC Entertainment executive Geoff Johns confirmed the casting in a recent interview about his new roles dealing with the DC movies. This is the first real news any fans have heard about the stand alone Batman movie. The movie is not expected to be released until some time in 2018. This may make some fans of the show Arrow upset that the tv version will not be making it to the big screen. The one thing to remember is that the DC Entertainment Universe is split up like the multiverse in the comic’s. If the shows worked with the movies we wouldn’t have Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Gotham.

Some interesting test footage of Deathstroke was teased on Ben Afflecks Twitter account in August. The footage can be seen be click the link here. Hopefully this news will help the DC movies become more successful in the future. Currently these movies are critically panned and they finically don’t compare to the Marvel juggernaught.

Let us know in the comment section below how you feel about the casting of Deathstroke in the comment section below. Do you feel Joe Manganiello will successfully bring this character the to big screen? Don’t forget to to bookmark for all your future DC movie news.

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