Deals With Gold Dec 12th to Dec 18th

One week closer to Christmas and a brand new week means a new set of deals are available for Xbox Gold members.  This weeks deals are a little thin, no doubt because of the upcoming Christmas/New Year sale. This being said there are significant discounts on The Surge, Megaman Legacy Collection and Styx Master of Shadows + Shards of Darkness bundle.

TIC Pick of The Week

This weeks TIC pick of the week goes to the game Styx Master of Shadows + Shards of Darkness bundle.  For those unfamiliar with the stealth based Styx series, the game is very similar to another premier franchise Thief.  Styx offers a unique and fun twist on the classic stealth genre, and is a must play for anyone who is a fan of heavy stealth based games.  With this bundle you get the original as well as the sequel, so you could say that its quite the “steal”.

Now all jokes aside here are the rest of the Deals with Gold for this week!

Xbox One Deals

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