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Darks Souls 3 Launches with Problems on PC

Dark Souls 3 launched earlier this week on multiple platforms. The consoles have been relatively quiet on any pending problems with the game. PC players are just not lucky this week. Some are experiencing serious problems before the first boss battle.

Worry not, young explorer, there’s a temporary fix.


Some fans have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations to Bandai Namco. I wouldn’t say it was actually helpful to send Bandai Namco any tweets. Currently, no statement on the PC version of Dark Souls 3 crashing for players has been officially released.

The site Nerdist is claiming that a temporary fix will help players out in this time of need. It won’t help certain players that enjoy the freedom of making a character how they would like. Nerdiest.com states:

“Worry not, young explorer, there’s a temporary fix. Many online have stated that a combination of turning the light setting to low, and/or starting the game as the Knight class has solved the problem.”

So hopefully this will help players for the moment. I know being forced into a character is not an ideal situation, but think of it as a quick play through of the game’s hardest places until a fix is released. Bandai Namco should have a patch out in the next few weeks to address this and any other problems players are currently facing. If you find some other temporary fix send it to Bandai Namco’s Twitter feed. Let them know if you are experiencing issues.

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