Dark Horse Announces Overwatch Comic

Overwatch has been taken the gaming world by storm, being a huge hit that has spawned a die hard fan base. The fans have become obsessed with the game’s lore and it looks like we’re about to get more of it. Dark Horse Comics and Blizzard Entertainment have announced that they’re partnering up on a graphic novel and art book.

The graphic novel will be 100 pages long and comes out in April 2017; the comic will tell the story of the original Overwatch team. This will give fans a look at the past of characters like Soldier: 76, Reaper and Mercy among others.

Dark Horse will then release The Art of Overwatch a hardcover book that will include unseen concept art among others. The art book will come out next summer.

Dark Horse will also start digitally distributing the Overwatch comic that Blizzard has already been making. The comic is a few issues and worth looking into if you want to know more about Overwatch‘s comics.

There’s currently no information on if Dark Horse will produce an ongoing comic. However, it’s safe to assume that if the graphic novel is a hit then Dark Horse will proceed with more.

We should find out more about this partnership and about the future of Overwatch this weekend at San Diego Comic Con. Blizzard is hosting a panel on Thursday about the game, so that is when we’ll find out.

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