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Cross Platform Party Chat For Xbox One And Xbox 360 Coming

How awesome is it to grind away at whatever game you’re working on while talking to a group of your closest friends and family members? For years now party chat has been a very appealing feature of Xbox Live but with the launch of the Xbox One a small problem came up. Some of our friends have not crossed over to the new generation of consoles and when you are on Xbox One there is no way to set up an Xbox Live party chat with those who still play on Xbox 360.

One user recently contacted Phil Spencer via Twitter and asked if this feature would ever be available. Spencer’s response indicated that cross console party chat is being worked on but the engineers at Microsoft have other things they are working on at the moment. Considering that the Windows 10 roll-out is about two weeks away along with game streaming and Xbox One-PC party chat and backwards compatability with Xbox 360 games, we can imagine that the miracle workers at Microsoft are indeed a little busy right now. Still, there is hope that one day we will be able to chat with all of our friends be they on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360.

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