Destiny 2

Crimson Days has Started in Destiny 2

Today Guardians is the first day of Crimson Days. Players that jump back into Destiny 2 will notice that love is in the air. Crimson Days is a yearly event that allows two guardians to work together to complete bounties, Nightfalls, and of course Crucible matches.

Players will need to visit with Lord Shaxx to start the event. Now the fun begins for players that have that special someone in mind. Jumping into Crimson Doubles will give players a chance to complete special bounties for Confectionery Hearts. These hearts can be used to buy some new items including the legendary bow, The Vow.

The event was actually supposed to have begun on the 5th of this month. Bungie pushed it back until today.  That said Crimson Days will last until the Tuesday the 19th. This should give players plenty of time to go out and complete all those new event triumphs. Just remember to find some time with all those new games coming out this week.

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