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Creator of Black Lagoon Launches 341 Combat Team

The creator of Black Lagoon has launched a new manga called 341 Sentōdan ( 341 Combat Team). 341 Combat Team will launch in Spring 2019, as it will be apart of the 10th anniversary of the celebration of Monthly Shonen Sunday. Rei Hiroe originally launched Black Lagoon anime back in 2002 and is also the original creator of the Re:CREATORS anime series that debuted back in April 2017.

341 Combat Team-TICGN

So what is 341 Combat Team? Monthly Shonen Sunday describes the series as: “The “youth war drama” takes place on the chaotic front line of countries at war. A certain person stands at the head of a combat team that is sweeping across the land. The story follows the strong and fleeting emotions of the young people whose lives are scattered on the battlefield.”

Source: Animenewsnetwork

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