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Crash Bandicoot Still Owned By Activision


There’s been rumors about a new PlayStation exclusive Crash Bandicoot ever since the PlayStation 4 was announced. The rumors intensify around E3, but it looks like PlayStation exec Adam Boyes is trying to stop them this year. Boyes confirms that Sony does not own the rights to the series and Activision still does.

The Crash Bandicoot series was the premier franchise on the original PlayStation and is beloved amongst gamers. Activision bought the rights to the series in the early ’00s and produced a series of games that was less than stellar. The last game in the series was in 2008, the series has been put on ice ever since.

While Activision still owns the rights to the series, it is possible that Sony could make a deal with Activision to bring a new Crash games exclusively to the PS4. They recently did this work Capcom and Street Fighter V; however Activision is not in need of financial help like Capcom, so they could deny any offers Sony attempts to make. But who knows, E3 is only a month away and maybe Sony/Activision have joined forces to bring back the iconic Bandicoot.

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