Crackdown 3 Confirmed, Terry Crews Helms the E3 Trailer

Microsoft Studios has officially confirmed the upcoming release of Crackdown 3, the third installment in the superpowered, over-the-top crime fighting game. Besides confirming that the game will come to both Xbox One and Windows 10, the trailer also showcased the Internet’s favorite PC gamer, Terry Crews, hyping the game in his own amazing way.

The trailer is divided into equal parts Crews promoting the world and his position within it and some seriously explosion-laden gameplay. Crews announces that “they” have turned off the world’s power, but that isn’t going to stop him or you. He gives a pretty straightforward nod to the game’s own hyperbolic take on action: “Today you’re throwing grenades. Tomorrow, you’re throwing CARS!” He then leaps off the building upon which he’s perched and we cut straight into the gameplay.

To its credit, Crackdown 3 looks like what the game should have been all along. It’s cell-shaded and feels like you’re watching a 3D comic book coming to life, which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of Crackdown in general. The driving soundtrack asks you again and again, “Are you a beast?” with a vibe and feel that is a little too close to Kanye West’s Black Skinhead. But everything, all together, really draws in the viewer and gets you properly excited for what is, ultimately, a fun, mindless time.

Crackdown 3 will launch on November 7th with the debut of the Xbox One X, and it’s clear to see why. Get your preorders in NOW!

Check out the trailer for yourself:

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