Controversial “Popular Film” Category Removed From The Oscars

Recently the Academy Awards announced that a new “popular” film category would be added to the 91st event. As of today it seems that will no longer be the case. The Hollywood Reporter along with numerous other entertainment sites have announced that this new category will not be making it into the award ceremony. This new category for the Oscars was not met with the praise The Academy was looking for. It didn’t take long for the pressure to cause this sudden reversal to happen.

The new category may not be making it into the upcoming ceremony but the door is open for a 2020 return. The Academy is looking to rework the category. Personally, I think the addition of this category cheapens the Oscars. Hopefully this will just be a small bump in the historic past of this ceremony. In releated news, the final trailer for one movie that won’t be in the running for Best Picture has recently been released. Watch the Red band trailer for The Predator.


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