Complete Rundown of Call of Duty at E3

Today at E3 the critically acclaimed shooter series Call of Duty made a return to the main stage during Sony’s conference. Infinite Warfare has received massive negative feedback from the community, prior even to a gameplay demo, for example upwards of 2 million dislikes on the initial reveal trailer making it one of the most dislike videos in YouTube history. The redeeming factor for this game is widely considered to be the inclusion of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered, remembered fondly as the “good ‘ol days” by many veteran players, players who will be ecstatic to see their old favorite spring to life with fantastic graphics and sound design that players come to expect from current gen titles. In this article you’ll find a complete rundown of the gameplay trailer of Infinite Warfare, and a short synopsis of the brief MW Remastered cutscenes shown tonight.

Infinite Warfare

The gameplay opens with our character Captain Jacob Reyes, walking through the halls of his warship, Retribution, above our Moon, now called Luna, alongside one of his Lieutenants. Reyes enters the bridge and the character is prompted with a small side objective, then opens a map of our solar system where we see Reyes’ strategists going over battle plans for an operation. After approving this op, Reyes is ushered to his Jackal space fighter jet to take the fight to the enemy. As he moves along he oversees his troops preparing for the coming battle. Jacob then enters his Jackal co-piloted by a robot named Ethan and the fighter flies off into the fray. The player is immediately launched into a frantic dog fight with the enemy, the Settlement Defense Front, and upon winning Reyes is tasked with boarding an enemy warship and destroying it from the inside. At which point Jacob disembarks his Jackal and engages in an extravehicular firefight on the side of the hostile warship, where the player makes use of the grappling gun and target seeking explosive at their disposal, tearing into the enemies with a mix of bullet and energy weapons. Once inside Reyes and his squad begin fighting through the hostile bridge to the hangar to make their escape. After escaping the screen fades to black to the destruction of the Set Def. destroyer.

Modern Warfare Remastered

The information here is less detailed as it was a series of cutscene clips, as to not give everything away. The clips begin with an ominous monologue spoken by the main antagonist of this Call of Duty, Imran Zhakhaev, then it proceeds to cycle through clips ranging from silent stealthy sniping in Eastern Europe, and infiltration of a cargo ship on the high seas, to tanks rolling through Middle Eastern streets, and the destruction of a city by a nuclear bomb. All of the cutscenes are overlain with chopped up dialogue, emphasizing the disorder and chaos present. With all the gameplay elements clearly still in place, and sensational new graphics and sound quality, this game will give chills to even the most grizzled of Call of Duty vets, while giving the next generation of players a chance to witness the grass-roots, boots on the ground combat beloved by their predecessors.


These games will not hesitate to please this year with Infinite Warfare stepping up to satisfy the needs of newer players, while MW will keep old players enthralled in the series. And with time still to come for this E3, it’s not Call of Duty’s presentation won’t soon be forgotten.


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