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The Coalition Is Working On A New IP With StoryLab Productions

It looks like the trail of rumors has been upped once more after that Lionhead developer gave his take on the recent “leaks.” Suddenly another rumor on the initial leak is coming true, sort of. It appears that the first party Gears of War studio, The Coalition, is working with another studio on a new IP.

In the leaked list of games it was said The Coalition was working with a third party studio to bring back the Perfect Dark franchise. Information revealed today by StoryLab Productions’ website suggest that a new IP is being worked on by The Coalition and said studio. With nothing but a landing site, StoryLab Productions offers confirmation that a new game is being worked on. If the name is unfamiliar, just know that the team has worked with The Coalition before on past Gears of War titles such as Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Gears of War 4. Below is a short transcript of their mission statement.

StoryLab is a multi-media production house located in Vancouver, B.C.

StoryLab’s vendor relationship with Microsoft, helping to produce the new ‘Gears of War’ gaming franchise, is an exciting venture that helps StoryLab grow into an even more diverse brand.

In the arena of film and television we strive to continue raising the bar by developing and producing celebrated projects that attract and inspire audiences through the art of storytelling.

Besides that we still have no concrete information on what both teams are working on together but now we know it is not Perfect Dark. Otherwise they wouldn’t use the phrase “a new IP.”


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