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Nintendo Gives Closer Look at Splatoon 2 Co-op

During E3 2017, Nintendo demonstrated the Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 2, their upcoming third person shooter. This wave based survival mode features cooperative play for 2-4 players. During each wave, players must slay Salmonids, collect their eggs, and survive. Groups can play Salmon Run both online and via local multiplayer.

Each match only lasts 3 waves. For each wave, players need to collect a certain number of eggs which the bigger Salmonids drop upon defeat. However, even when this goal is met, the team still needs to survive until the timer runs out. If a player goes down, their comrades can revive them by shooting them with ink. While the basic mechanics are mostly the same as other modes, players can only use their ultimates twice per match.

Players can choose between 20 difficulty settings by default. Once a match is over, players can keep going and the game will bump up to the next difficulty. If a team manages to clear the hardest default setting, they can face an additional 20 levels. These are only available while continuing a streak. At higher difficulties, enemies get more aggressive and appear more frequently.

In the video, certain hazards appear throughout the sessions. Among these are dense fog and high tide. We can also see the “salmon rush,” which quickly creates a horde of small Salmonids and sends them after one player. The video also shows off a wide variety of enemies with several strengths and weaknesses. One noteworthy foe wears armor, forcing players to attack from different directions to bring it down. With gimmicks like that, it is clear why this mode is only available in multiplayer.

Nintendo intends on involving Salmon Run in future events for Splatoon 2. They also plan on adding additional maps down the line.

Splatoon 2 launches worldwide on July 21, 2017. The game will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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