Check out Madden 18 First Story Mode Trailer Called Longshot

Today at EA Play the creators of Madden have announced the a first for the series. Madden 18 will have a story mode called Longshot. This will allow you the player the chance to play Madden in a new cinematic experience.

You play as Devon Wade, a player who has taken time away from the game. He has one last chance to make his way to the NFL Draft. Will you be able to get him to the top?

This is something that could help sell even more copies of Madden given that this is the first time any game has ever had a story mode. Expect some great looking game play since Madden 18 will be using the Frostbite engine.

Expect more from the EA Play event as it continues live. Click this link here to watch it now. Stay tuned to TiCGN for all of your E3 news this week.

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