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Character notes for new Picard series have reportedly leaked

We have known for quite some time that Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as Jean-Luc Picard for an all new Star Trek series produced by CBS and additional details continue to trickle in. It seems that seven character breakdowns developed for casting actors may have been leaked and if these are accurate it gives us more perspective on what to expect from the new show. Instead of a typical Starfleet crew we may see Picard share his new adventure with a young Romulan, a mercenary with a death warrant on her head and a holographic doctor which is reportedly a more sophisticated version of the EMH from Voyager.

Warning! Only read further if you are willing to risk being exposed to potential details about the new show. More detailed descriptions of the alleged new characters are as follows:

  • K’Bar – A teen-aged Romulan martial artist who is extremely loyal to Picard. The casting notes reportedly emphasize the importance of martial arts training and possibly even experience in fencing. It is safe to say that this character will be at the center of many action scenes for the show.
  • Starton – We still do not know much about this character other than he works on positronic brains and is extremely adverse to being in outer space. The casting notes specify a male actor between thirty and forty years of age.
  • Lawrence – Another male in his 30s, Lawrence is a rogue and pilot of the ship that Picard will use during the new show’s first season. Quite the opposite of a typically moral Starfleet officer, Lawrence is written as quite a shifty character.
  • Connie – One of the few characters for the new show with a specified ethnicity, Connie is an African-American woman who earns her living as a mercenary and pilot. She has lost a husband and currently has a death warrant on her home world. She often transports passengers to some kind of artifact out in space. Connie has a bit of a volatile temper but deep down has a big heart.
  • Indira – She is one of the younger characters on the show – somewhere in her 20s. Indira is thought to be an extremely intelligent if socially awkward young woman. Wherever her home world may be, she cannot go back to it and the strain has an impact on the development of her social skills.
  • Dr. Smith – This character is a hologram – possibly an upgraded version of the EMH first introduced in Star Trek: Voyager. Dr. Smith is apparently quite capable in engineering, tactical systems and of course, medicine. The notes specify that Dr. Smith is very calm if somewhat confounded by the emotions of others.
  • Alana – A middle-aged woman with a past history of addiction to drugs and alcohol, Alana is a former intelligence analyst who sees conspiracies all around her. She goes to great lengths to hide just how vulnerable she really is by doubling down on her beliefs – even when she is incorrect.
  • I don’t know about any of you but I am getting a bit of a Firefly vibe from these character breakdowns. Thieves and mercenaries. A socially awkward young woman. If all of this is true then this will be quite a different experience for Jean-Luc Picard than the good old days with Riker, Troi, Crusher, Data and Worf on the Enterprise.

    If you are looking for additional details about the upcoming Picard series, here is a summary of what we know so far.

    Jason Mckendricks
    Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
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