Certain Affinity Has Opened a New Toronto Studio

Certain Affinity Has Opened a New Toronto Studio

Certain Affinity is a studio based in Austin, Texas in the USA. Over the past several years, Certain Affinity has acted as a support studio, designing map packs or helping with multiplayer modes for game series like Halo, Call of Duty, DOOM and more. It looks like studio’s reach will be spreading out, as Certain Affinity has opened a new Toronto studio.

Speaking with GamesIndustry.biz, Max Hoberman, President and Founder of Certain Affinity, said that¬†“About a year ago, I hit upon this idea that we should contemplate opening up a second location, and we should do it in a way that is complementary to us, complementary to what we’re doing in Austin, to go somewhere that has some advantages and fills in some weaknesses.”

Max Hoberman also explained that Certain Affinity is aiming for around 60 developers at the new Toronto studio by mid-2019, with another 100 or so hired in the following years. This Toronto studio will function as an international expansion of the main Austin team.

Certain Affinity’s leadership has previously expressed interest in developing their own, original AAA games. This expansion is a huge step towards doing so and while it’ll take time for them to grow, it’ll be interesting to watch the results in the years to come.

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