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CAYNE-A STASIS Story Coming Soon to Steam


CAYNE is a soon to be released side story in the excellent STASIS universe. CAYNE is being created by The Brotherhood, a development company founded by Christopher and Nicolas Bischoff. The studio is based out of Cape Town, South Africa. This title will be free to play and available on both Steam and playcayne.com. Having had the opportunity to play STASIS, I held that game in high regard and am looking forward to the release of the free expansion to this awesome IP.


  • A new short story in the STATIS universe
  • Even more detailed graphics and environments.
  • A musical score composed by Ivo Sadiski, and featuring Will McCabe and Daniel Sadowiski.
  • AAA level voice acting and writing.
  • More horror and sci-fi entertainment.

CAYNE is an isometric, point-and-click adventure video game in development by THE BROTHERHOOD. Mom-to-be, Hadley has woken up to the horrors of a medical facility. Taking control of Hafley players  explore and interact with the environment. By using and combing items that are found to progress deeper into the world.

CAYNE is currently in the final stages of development. THE BROTHERHOOD is aiming for a Q4 2016 release date.The full experience of this expansion will be approximately 1.5 hours of gameplay.  STASIS was successfully crowdfunded in 2013 and published on STEAM, GOG and by THE BROTHERHOOD. It has also been available on a further myriad of platforms and as physical media by Daedelic.

CAYNE is a showcase of the high quality and standard of games that THE BROTHERHOOD plans to produce. Alongside the release of CAYNE, THE BROTHERHOOD plans on crowdfunding an entirely new adventure game. STASIS Backers will receive access to CAYNE prior to the public release.

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