Capcom will Launch Two Unannounced Games in 2017 Financial Year

According to the Capcom Full Year Planning and Strategies slideshow, they will be releasing two unannounced games in the Financial year 2017, which according to them will sell in excess of 6 million units combined. These games will launch in conjunction with a Monster Hunter title, which is yet to be confirmed.


Due to the large number of game sales they expect, the first Major title may be set in the Resident Evil franchise. The second title may be a Dead Rising game. We already know that Capcom is working on several titles, from their hiring spree earlier. Dead Rising 3 launched with the Xbox One in 2013 and managed to sell in excess of 1 Million units during its launch. Capcom launched the Resident Evil remastered series earlier this year, and will continue to do so through out the year, adding more major Resident Evil remasters to next generation consoles.

With E3 right around the corner, we do expect to see more on these and other games.

Thanks @ZHugeEX for the heads up

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