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Capcom Will Increase Support for Nintendo Switch in 2018

During the Wii U era, Capcom was one of the major third-party publishers that backed out on support not long after the system’s launch. Things appear to be taking a turn for the better when it comes to the Switch, however. They certainly were approaching the system with caution (as evidenced by the release of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers)¬†but it seems Capcom has gained confidence following the Switch’s steady success. According to an interview with the Japanese publication, Jiji, the company is reportedly having more titles ready for release on the Switch after April next year.

One series in particular was highlighted during the interview; this being the beloved Ace Attorney franchise. It’s worth noting that Capcom does have a meaty pedigree of releases for the Nintendo 3DS; their Switch entries could possibly play out in a similar manner. They already have released¬†Monster Hunter XX on Switch in Japan, and they intend to release ports of the Resident Evil Revelations games for the platform later this month. Only time can tell what more they could possibly bring to the table. Whatever the case may be, it’s always great to see more third-party support for the Switch!

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