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Capcom Vancouver Has Officially Been Shut Down

This has been an amazing past 12 months for Capcom having huge success with Monster Hunter: World smashing all expectations and driving Capcom to record profits.  With Resident Evil II Remake and Devil May Cry V coming early next year, the future certainly seems bright for Capcom.  However, this is not the case for Capcom Vancouver developers of the Dead Rising franchise and Puzzle Fighter. Early today we discovered that all of Capcom Vancouver’s projects had been canceled. This cost Capcom a whopping 4.5 billion Yen (40 million US) even though Capcom netted a record-breaking $867.5 million year over year this is a big blow that has led to the closure of Capcom Vancouver. A Capcom spokesperson had this to say in regards to the closure of Capcom Vancouver.

“Capcom is currently reviewing the allocation of its development resources that support the production of world-class content. Capcom has been focused on increasing the efficiency and growth of its game development operations. To support this objective, new R&D facilities and annual hiring have been underway at the Osaka headquarters. In consideration of this process, as a result of reviewing titles in development at Capcom Vancouver, Capcom has decided to cancel the development projects at this studio and will concentrate development of major titles in Japan. As part of this overall direction, the CV studio will suspend operations, effective today, so the current staff will be laid off and the office will be closed”.


Capcom appears to be making the moves to take a more focus in developing in Japan, and unfortunately, this left Capcom Vancouver in a very vulnerable position.  With layoffs back in February of this year, and the decrease in the scope of the Dead Rising series the writing is unfortunately on the wall for the studio.  We all hope the developers at Capcom Vancouver the best in their future projects and hopefully, this isn’t the last we will see of the Dead Rising franchise.

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