Capcom Beat 'Em Up

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Coming Next Week

Capcom will be bringing players some epic side scrolling brawler to the current generation of consoles next week. The Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle will be releasing on September 18th with seven classic games.

The collection of these games will only cost players $19.99. The Steam version is actually being delayed just a bit. Capcom will update players looking to buy that game when they get closer to a release date. Players who always loved playing these games together with others will be able to do so with both local and online co-op support. If your feeling nostalgic about these games then don’t forget to enjoy some of the history that this bundle has to offer. This includes some art work that was fan-club only at the time of the games release.

Don’t forget that during the 18th of this month Nintendo will be unleashing their online services. I can bet that the first few days will be bogged down with people trying to play online. So go out and pre-order the game now.

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