Capcom Announces Megaman 30th Anniversary Live Stream

For what seemed to be a decade, Capcom has had a long history of overlooking one of its main mascot characters. Megaman, the blue bomber, has been absent in mosts Capcom works excluding the occasional easter egg appearnce in Dead Rising as a alternate costume. The long hiatus came to a halt when the beloved robot made an appearence on Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers video game.

Soon after X, the alternate version of Megaman, made an appearence in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Following Capcom’s steady revival of the Megaman franchise, Capcom has officially announced on their website that a special commerative 30th anniversay stream will take place this December 4th.

According to Capcom the offical kickoff will be at 11:00 am Pacific time¬† with a 10:00 am preshow on Twitch. Not much else is known on what will be shown but it’s a good a time as any to present a new Megaman game. Microsoft did a similar reveal for the new Age of Empires game using a special AoE stream to commerate the game.

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