Call of Duty: Modern Warfare(2019) spotted in the wild!

The new highly anticipated entry in the Call of Duty franchise doesn’t launch until October 25th but a twitch streamer known as VonGarcon, posted an image on Instagram showing that he has acquired 7 copies of the game a week before the official release date. Not much is known about how he acquired these copies other than he “purchased them from an undisclosed party with the intention of reselling them at the higher value price” and that’s exactly what he is claiming he has done.

 VonGarcon is now claiming that he has sold every copy of the game for the staggering amount of $250 per copy. If this is true, it will only be a matter of time before the inevitable leaks start to happen. If you, like me, are excited to get your hands on the game and want to avoid spoilers then now is the time to start avoiding social media.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches officially on the 25th October 2019.






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