Call of Duty: Black Ops Sales Surge after Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Announcement

Microsoft announced yesterday that Call of Duty Black Ops on Xbox 360 would become Backwards Compatible on Xbox One, and sales have been surging on Amazon in the US and UK. In the UK, the game jumped a massive 13400%, and in the US the game managed just shy of 3000% sales increase.

Gameplay statistics on the multiplayer saw an increase from around 18000 players to over 80000 players concurrently worldwide on the game since it became Backwards Compatible. Infinity Ward and Activision have received severe pushback over their upcoming Infinite Warfare trailer, which noted that to get access to the Modern Warfare Remaster of the Xbox 360 game, you have to purchase the Infinite Warfare Special Edition which will set you back $79.99, instead of releasing the game on Backwards Compatibility.

With sales jumps like these (not to mention the huge digital increases), it might show Activision and other developers that releasing games on Backwards Compatibility might be a better way of going about it than releasing remasters, or worse, lock them behind paywalls for new games.

Microsoft announced Backwards Compatibility to massive fanfare at E3 2015, and the library already includes over 170 backwards compatible games.

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