Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Reveal Details

The official Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII reveal event has just taken place, showing off the game for the first time. Multiplayer changes, the return of Zombies and more. There’s a lot to unpack, which I’ve compiled below.

Here’s all the big details from the Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII reveal:
  • The multiplayer is set between Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • No wallrunning, it’s full boots-on-the-ground
  • Healing is now triggered manually
  • Players have health bars visible to enemies
  • New world, new enemy and new characters for Zombies
  • Customizable tools to turn Zombies into an “evergreen mode”
  • Limited time challenges called “Callings”
  • PC version will run on Blizzard’s client
  • Battle Royale (yes, the rumor was correct), on a map 1500x the size of Nuketown
  • Battle Royale pulls in weapons and characters from Black Ops history
Here’s a look at the new cast of Zombies characters:


Here’s an alternate shot of the casts, set in a mode/mission called Voyage of Despair:

Finally, the third mode, Blood of the Dead, appears to be a reimagining of Mob of the Dead: 


Here’s the Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII multiplayer reveal trailer:

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Battle Royale is called Blackout: 

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