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Bungie getting ready to milk the Destiny cow dry

When the latest in a series of paid expansions were dissected by fans of the game Destiny, they found a bunch additional content lurking inside the latest patch for the game. Such items include significant bonuses for those who do acquire them. Since Bungie released ‘real world’ currency in the game called Silver which you could spend on Emotes, people have been wondering what else you’d be able to do with this so called in game money.

Well it seems like Bungie might get ready to allow you to boost your levels in the game by paying for it with real world money. With AAA games integrating the Microtransaction model, it is a concerning trend to see. Especially in a game like Destiny which already syphoned off over $160 from their fanbase in a year.

Other items include a buff to increase weapon and armour drops, an ability to acquire more Mouldering Shards, and the ability to completely level your characters Subclass. This became an even bigger concern when Bungie locked the forum discussing these items. Since then Bungie’s creative director Luke Smith denied any such rumours on Twitter:

“We aren’t (nor are we planning) on selling consumables that buff King’s Fall drop rates for Silver.”

Since he¬†addressed the concerns about the Drop rate buffs, he didn’t touch on the subject about Level boosting. And since companies like Blizzard (also under Activision) sells level boosting packs in games like World of Warcraft, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility that they’re looking to milk some more from the Destiny cow in the near future.

Destiny launched in 2014, and sold over $500 Million in the first month. Since then they released 3 expansions and recently added the option to buy additional content in game like Emotes for real world money. Destiny is currently available on Xbox One and other platforms, and can be purchased on Xbox Live.

David Whitaker
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