Bright 2 is Confirmed

The sequel to the highly popular Netflix movie Bright has been confirmed in a video released on Youtube. In the video we see two “Orcs” as they audition for a role in the movie Bright. The movie which has been successful for the streaming service Netflix features Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in a world where fantasy has become reality.


The reviews for this movie are just not great. The first movie is written my Max Landis who has written some interesting movies such as Chronicle, American Ultra, and Victor Frankenstein. The thing is he will not be coming back for Bright 2. It will be interesting to see how the movie moves on from the guy who initially created this universe. As someone who thought that maybe the problems of the first film was the writer, we may have a better Bright movie the second time around. I’ve sat through the movie twice with two different groups of people who wouldn’t normally enjoy a movie of this nature, both groups really enjoyed this movie. Netflix is making a smart move understanding what the people that pay for their content want.

While most has panned this movie Netflix has done nothing but boast about how well the movie is doing in the streaming service. The movie has become the most watched film in the first week of release. The two main actors are both set to return to the movie. No date on when the next movie will hit the streaming service.

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