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Borderlands 3: Moze Character Trailer

In the leadup to the release of Borderlands 3, Gearbox has been treating us to trailers and character previews. The latest one introduces Moze, a former Vladof army mech pilot gone rogue.

One part Little Sister and Big Daddy from Bioshock, one part D.va from Overwatch, and one part badass wasteland survivor, Moze is shaping up to be a great newcomer to the world of Borderlands. Moze has turned her back on her former employer after being sent into a deathtrap. Now she looks out for no one but herself – and her beloved Iron Bear mech. While the trailer doesn’t contain much gameplay, the pair come off as the type who can both deal and take heavy damage. The trailer gives us glimpses of them fighting everything from a lizard to large swathes of enemies, giving them a powerful feel. Her mech may be damaged compared to newly-made Iron Bears, but it doesn’t seem to be lacking anything because of it.

While her trailer had little in the way of Borderlands’ trademark slapstick humor, Moze’s dry wit was funny in its own right. She doesn’t seem mad about the mission meant to kill her. Instead, Moze seems to cherish the opportunity to spend time with her mech.  And the Vladof army following her? Nothing she needs to worry about. It’s something she and the Iron Bear can take down together.

There are still a lot of questions out there about Moze. For example, will we be able to play her outside of the mech? Let’s hope so, as she seemed to pack quite a punch of her own in that trailer. Maybe in a future trailer leading up to Borderlands 3‘s release, we’ll see a bit more gameplay. Either way, let’s wish Moze and her BFF many happy years of mayhem to come.

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