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Bloodborne: Return to Yharnam Begins Again Saturday, March 10

According to the Bloodborne Reddit, which boasts a little more than 100k members, and who effectively organizes this event, Return to Yharnam will begin again March 10 (Saturday), which will give everybody who is taking advantage of Bloodborne being a Playstation Plus freebie this month a chance to get their feet under them before the event begins. For those who didn’t experience the last Return to Yharnam event, it is designed to get as many people as possible to log in simultaneously, ensuring no lack for co-op and PvP opportunities.

There are of course specific guidelines that participants are encouraged to follow. These are detailed below:

  • Create a new character and play through the game
  • Engage in as much co-op along the way as possible
  • Optional: Try to defeat at least two players in each area in PvP before defeating the boss and moving on. This will help spawn Bell Maidens in areas they’re not usually in, bringing PvP to less-common locations.
  • Leave a message that says “you’re in the know, right?” by as many lamps as possible (but especially by the Central Yharnam lamp). Keep an eye out for any that you find and give them all a fine rating!
  • Play through at your own pace. Suggested end date of March 24th
  • Yharnam-TiCGN

…and here are some means with which to more easily meet, chat, and coordinate with your fellow hunters:

Discord Chat

Here’s the bloodborne discord linked on the subreddit’s sidebar:


If you visit the Reddit page I linked in the first paragraph, you will find plenty of other helpful links, including beginners tips for the uninitiated.

There is literally no better time to give Soulsborne games a go than during one of these events, and for me, Bloodborne’s Return to Yharnam is the epitome and the pinnacle of such games and events. You will find plenty of helpful hunters out there should you wish to take part in this event. I know I was glad to both accept and offer assistance during the last event. So much fun. Bloodborne has never died out, but man will the population swell this coming weekend! Look for me on the hunting grounds as well (robilar5500). Maybe I’ll even get around to wrapping up the DLC and that pesky final Chalice Dungeon this time around. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite Soulsborne YouTuber’s Bloodborne guides. just in case….

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