Blair Witch Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

Blair Witch was one of the most surprising games to appear at Xbox’s E3 2019 conference. Based on the found footage film from the ’90s The Blair Witch Project, which helped found a whole sub-genre of horror. Now the developers Bloober team, who are the creators of the atmospheric horror series Layer’s Of Fear are taking their own spin on Blair Witch. Today, we got our first look at gameplay for the upcoming game. The game gives a very strong Outlast vibe while offering an interesting variety of mechanics with the dog companion. The game certainly has our attention. It feels like we very rarely get to see a new horror game on console. This game certainly looks like it has loads of potential, we cannot wait to see more. Blair Witch is set to release on Xbox One, and PC on August 30th, 2019.

Blair Witch Official Gameplay Trailer 

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