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Black Ops 3: Awakening Released Date Confirmed

Treyarch, the studio behind the Call of Duty golden age, has finally confirmed March 3rd as the release date for Black Ops 3 DLC 1: Awakening on the Xbox One and PC . DLC 1: Awakening was released on PS4 on February 2nd, with a new form of access. This map pack changed the past method of DLC delivery from a multi-hour download, to a 15 minute unlock, by installing an update on February 1st which contained the DLC, locked away only to be unlocked through its purchase in the store. The most exciting thing about this pack is most likely it’s 4 new multiplayer maps and groundbreaking new Zombies map. The first of the four multiplayer maps is Rise, an uncompleted tower in the middle of Zürich, following Treyarch’s classic three lane map design, contains a great amount of variety in playability. The second is Splash, an abandoned water park, with water combat a plenty and tight corridors, leading to long sight lines over the map. The third is Gauntlet, a true three lane map with three environments meshed into one, changing from a glacier, to a rainy downtown street, to a lush jungle. The fourth map is a remake of the classic Black Ops 2 map Hijacked, called Skyjacked. The new Zombies map is called Der Eisendrachen, or the Iron Dragon in English, and it is set in an old castle high in the German Alps that doubled as a Group 935 research base into the strange Element 115. In Der Eisendrachen you play as the original four characters in Zombies, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Bolinski, Takeo Masaki, and the dreaded Dr. Edward Richtofen who are out to continue their work from Der Riese, which is to save the Earth and fix our natural timeline. Awakening also launches along side 5 new multiplayer weapons that can only be gained through Supply Drops.

Watch the trailer:

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