Black Desert Online Celebrates Start of Beta with New Cinematic

To celebrate the beginning of the closed beta for Black Desert Online, Daum Games revealed their new EU/NA version of the opening cinematic, shown above. Narrated by YouTube Star Tay Zonday, it is a view into the Central City as the Elision stone is recovered. The MMORPG is due to release next month. The closed beta begins in just a few hours on February 18th at 8am UTC and continues on until the 22nd at 8am UTC.

Interested in signing up? If you’ve already pre-ordered the Explorer’s or Conqueror’s package, don’t worry! You’re automatically entered. If not, sign up here. You can also pre-order Black Desert Online, for up to a 96 hour head start on others as well as receive exclusive items.

Get ready for launch and download here!

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