Big Xbox One and Windows 10 Gaming Event Coming Up February 25th

Microsoft have sent out emails stating that they will be holding a big Xbox One and Windows 10 event this February 25th to showcase their Spring 2016 lineup for their respective platforms in San Francisco.

Since E3 is only dropping around June, it makes sense for Microsoft to show off their lineup for the first half, since we haven’t heard much about what is launching during this period. The only official game we know of is Quantum Break coming in April. Phil Spencer have been leaking information about games that ‘have not been announced yet’ that will launch this year, and this event might be a great time to build up hype for your platform.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting a big media push for the event and more information from Microsoft and Xbox about what we will see, but a big surprise might be on the cards. Personally, I’m hoping for some gangbuster news on a possible Age of Empires reboot.

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