Bethesda’s Starfield Might Release This Fall

There have been rumors and whispers that Bethesda Game Studios was working on a new IP titled Starfield for some time now. According to a new rumor that has emerged on the ResetEra forums, Bethesda’s Starfield may release this fall.

This started when a user started a thread theorizing Starfield was a mobile game, in this thread right here. Another user named Potterson had a very interesting response: No, it is not 🙂 And it is coming this fall, so just wait for E3. 

Obviously anyone can make unsubstantiated claims however, the admins on ResetEra were quick to try and verify if Potterson had legitimate information.

Check out their response: 

At this time administrators cannot verify the contents of the quoted post made by Potterson in this thread are accurate. However, the user has shared information with us that suggest they could be in a position to know the information they claim is in the post. As always, ResetEra members take full responsibility for what they post. 

With that in mind, a big announcement for Starfield at E3 2018 is now looking a lot more likely. With Bethesda Game Studios Austin being established and a Bethesda showcase happening, I’d say something big has to be on the way. We discussed the possibility of Starfield showing up in our Bethesda E3 2018 predictions, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see just what happens.

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