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Bethesda Softworks Shows Doom At E3 Press Conference; Players Will Have Unprecedented Creation Abilities With SnapMap

Bethesda has taken to the stage in the very first E3 press conference of 2015 and they started things off with a bang by showing off gameplay footage for Doom which is confirmed to be available for Xbox One and PC.

The gameplay footage was filled with grisly moments such as tearing the jaw bones from an enemy, yanking limbs from corpses, decapitations and as is traditional for Doom, slowly cutting enemies in half with a futuristic chainsaw. The single player gameplay footage ended with a reanimated soldier corpse pinning the player’s character down and ripping limbs from his body. Bethesda then showed off some multiplayer footage including a nice variety of guns and a pentagram which bestows Hell powers on the player who manages to nab it.

A new feature for this version of Doom is the ability for players to create and share custom levels, challenges or even multiplayer experiences via a new tool called Doom SnapMap. This tool will be available on every version of the game and content can be shared with a single button press.


The presentation ended with a glimpse of another single player experience called, “Welcome To Hell.” This segment showed a beautifully rendered vision of hell with distorted structures, flying beasties, crackling energy effects and of course, lots of unholy monsters to fight.


Doom is powered by the id Tech 6 engine, known internally as id Tech 666 in honor of the Doom series. The game will be available in Spring of 2016.


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